The biggest mixed use project in Barcelona.


An urban transformation that preeserves the memory of the district.

A new workspace has come into being in Barcelona. Technology, design, innovation, sustainability and businesses in the 22@ district, a new urban model that, every year, is the landing place for multinational corporations that see in the city of Barcelona an investment opportunity. And in the midst of this start-up district stands Parc Central which, with its 4 pedestrian zones, is a groundbreaking, efficient complex, offering open, flexible, multipurpose spaces. A strategic location on account of its easy access and excellent communications and services. Welcome to the present and future of business!

With an architectural mix of historic and new premium buildings
  • In the heart of what was once the industrial district of Poblenou, there now exists a new, state-of-the-art, efficient business concept. , emerges as a space open to social interaction, offering the very best comforts for the enjoyment of working and neighbourhood life.
  • Parc Central, the only complex in Barcelona formed of four blocks of the Eixample district.
Parc de Centre del Poblenou
Av. Diagonal
Can Ricart factory
Student residency